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Covid-19 Mandate


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A right is a right · you deserve justice


Federal law stipulates that citizens have the right to refuse a COVID-19 experimental substance without penalty.  There are only two exemptions to this statutory requirement: 1) the President can waive that right for service members, and 2) a healthcare provider attending to an individual close to death, unconscious, and without legal representation, may administer an experimental substance to save the life of the patient without their consent. There are no other exemptions from informed consent requirements provided by Congress. ZERO!

COVID-19 Workshop 09/22/22 4PM EST

Brian Ward has invested 1,000 hours into the history and legal administration of experimental substances in America.  Now, he is taking that knowledge and working as an expert consultant to acquire justice on behalf of Americans forced into COVID-19 biomedical research projects.  Brian is not an attorney but is now working with law firms to bring significant lawsuits against private and government entities.

Citizens and employees were not penalized for refusing vaccination; they were penalized because they refused to volunteer for medical experimentation.

A legal armageddon is about to hit your state because:

  • Federal law requires the absolute informed consent of individuals when involving them in substances classified by the FDA as experimental.
    • All COVID-19 vaccines are classified as such.
  • Federal law requires governments to ensure citizens are not under “sanctions,” “coercion,” and or “undue influence” when offered a COVID-19 investigational new drug.
  • There are no exemptions from these requirements relating to mandates.
  • Drugs are governed by their classification and not by their formulations.  Interchangeability has no basis in law.
  • The right to accept or refuse is equally protected by law.  Therefore, governments and or employers may not require activities (e.g., masking, testing, etc.) of one group that not required of the other group.  Both options are private affairs with equal options that authorities may not interfere with.
  • To require disclosure of medical experimentation may constitute a felony under your state’s HIPAA laws.
  • Medical experimentation is defined as the involvment of a human in an experimental substance (Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine) with an element of research (data gathering, monitoring, adverse reporting).
  • Congress passed the National Research Act in 1974 to protect Americans from forced (under duress) participation in experimental substances.
  • There is NO STATUTORY authority providing exemption from the right of refusal without incurring a penalty.  NONE!

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What Brian's Research Does Not Argue

  • The legality of vaccine mandates
  • COVID-19 vaccine mandates
  • Drug efficacy/safety
  • Religious Exemption
  • It simply focuses on a) the right to refuse an experimental substance without incurring a penalty and b) the legal requirement of authorities to ensure citizens are not under a sanction when offered a substance under an EUA.

Who Can File for Relief?

  • Employees who received an EUA substance under duress.
  • Penalized employees.
  • Students denied access to schools.
  • Citizens denied access to services.
  • If an individual was treated differently from others simply because they chose the “other” option of refusing, they have the right to seek justice in court.

The Right To Refuse Is Absolute