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Points of Interest Not Made Clear:

  • I will present to the House Armed Services Committee a criminal complaint regarding the unlawful requirement of service members to participate in COVID-19 research drugs by civilian appointees and combatant commanders. (Chairman Rep. Jeff Rogers AL)
  • I will present the same document to the Homeland Security Committee for the Coast Guard. (Chairman Rep. Mark Greene TN)
  • Lawsuit will tackle the issue of masking/testing of non-vaxxed when not required of vaxxed
  • Lawsuit will tackle the issue of making participation in clinical research drugs mandatory for military readiness
  • Lawsuit will tackle the issue of separations
  • “I” will be the only one presenting the criminal complaint to the House Committees as lawyers do not want to participate in that effort of which I understand.  Committee members are still being assigned and can take a couple of weeks to complete.