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Covid-19 mandate



Covid-19 vaccine mandate


United Launch Alliance never had the authority to require your participation in experimental vaccines under threat of penalty.  There isn’t a single federal or state statute affording them the legal authority of exemption from laws protecting you from medical research abuse.

The More You Know!

DISCLAIMER: The advice on this page is not authored by an attorney and should not be considered professional legal advice.  

The FDA has classified the only COVID-19 vaccines available to ULA employees as experimental, having no legal intent.  To require participation in experimental substances violates significant treaties, federal laws, and the statutes of all US STATES.  The legal blackout stems from the fact that not a single judge has heard a legal argument relating to these statutes since they were given birth in the 1970s.  This fact is because no one has been stupid enough to violate them until now.

Who can participate in a potential ULA lawsuit? An ULA employee/contractor who was/is under threat of penalty to participate in a COVID-19 experimental vaccine (e.g., Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19, Moderna, Janssen). This right is irrespective of whether or not an employee participated in a COVID-19 vaccine.

ULA’s “potential” violations of federal and state laws by subjecting ( to mean under force of rule, law, or constitution) employees to medical experimentation could include:

1) EEOC regulations (federal and state) in reference to harassment, intimidation, and coercion.

2) Article VII of the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights Treaty ratified by the U.S. Senate in 1992. No person may be subjected (under force of law) to medical experimentation without their free consent.

3) HIPAA privacy statutes of all US States that are most likely criminal. One may not require acknowledgement of biomedical research participation.

4) ULA is required to abide by the statutes of all US States, foreign governments, and Indian Tribes relating to COVID-19 emergency declarations.

6) The US States are considered “Emergency Stakeholders,” and ULA violated the state’s requirement to abide by the EUA’s Scope of Authorization.

7) The 14th Amendment requires ULA to ensure equal protection of the laws for its employees.

8) 21 USC §360bbb-3 requirement of the option to accept or refuse.

9) Dozens of federal and state statutes involving the protection of human subjects involved in experimental substances such as Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

The process:

Step 1: The first step is to understand the number of potential participants involved should the effort require a trial jury.  Please submit the form below demonstrating your interest but not committing to any future activity.

Step 2: Upon determining the number of participants, Brian will understand how to proceed. Brian will schedule a live Zoom event with all participants for a Q&A session before proceeding. After the Zoom event you will be sent a link to an online form to document your losses, including financial, emotional, physical, and other affected areas of your life. You will be required to have that document notarized and mailed to a provided address. This effort aims to ascertain the total damages incurred so we can move to step 3. Step 2 also includes participants hiring Brian as their consultant for a $50 flat fee.

Step 3: Brian will engage an administrative/trial attorney specializing in employment/tort law. He will work with the attorney to craft a letter to ULA detailing their serious violations of laws, regulations, and rules across hundreds of entities. This letter will force ULA’s Board of Directors to seriously consider the offer contained in the letter because it will represent the lowest dollar amount ever offered. The letter will also include additional requirements, such as company policy changes. Furthermore, ULA’s lawyers will be out on a limb because they will be completely unaware of the statutes referenced in the letter. This step will require an additional payment from the group. The letter and associated activities will cost between $1,500 and $3,500, divided by the number of participants and paid directly to the attorney. Brian’s strategy is to reduce the cost down to the financial ability of all participants. Brian believes that an out-of-court settlement will occur once ULA is aware of its significant abuse of powers relating to its COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

Step 4: ULA goes deeper into stupid land, and Brian contacts a trial law firm to ascertain the next step.  Brian will require a trial attorney to engage the process on a contingency basis.

Brian’s effort is to ensure step 3 is the final step. Why? 1) A trial attorney will require 25% to 33% of the award as a fee. 2) The average time to complete a trial of this magnitude is one to three years. 3) A successful jury trial win is the first step as ULA would engage in appeals. 4) The appeals process can take years. 5) The end of a successful jury trial could return less money and company changes than an honest approach to step 3. For example, Monsanto and Bayer have paid out over $11 billion in damages with payments between $5,000 to $250,000 to each participant. The winners are the trial lawyers and not the plaintiffs.  

Brian is not a licensed attorney and can not and will not offer legal advice relating to your specific situation. Those questions should be reserved for the attorney in step 3. Think of Brian’s work as a project manager. He will work with impacted employees and then train the attorney on how to effectively win in court.

Many questions relate to this process, but getting the wheels up and the plane moving is the first step.  By submitting the form, you are only agreeing to acquire additional information while providing Brian with an understanding of the level of interest.  Brian initiated this process after several ULA employees personally contacted him for help.  This approach is how he is helping to resolve ULA’s human rights abuses.

ULA Form


Filling out the form does not obligate anyone to participate in any activity.  Instead, this form is to understand the number of persons interested in pursuing a remedy to their financial, physical, and emotional injuries resulting from ULA’s abusive actions.