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Covid-19 mandate

UC Health


Covid-19 vaccine mandate

UC Health

UC Health never had the authority to require your participation in experimental vaccines under threat of penalty.  There isn’t a single federal or state statute affording them the legal authority of exemption from laws protecting you from medical research abuse.

Project Manager Agreement

DISCLAIMER: The advice on this page is not authored by an attorney and should not be considered professional legal advice.  

By submitting this payment, you are authorizing Brian Ward to act as a project manager to help you document financial injuries sustained by the potential legal malpractice of UC Health. In addition, you authorize Brian Ward to locate an attorney and to present your case to that attorney on your behalf. Furthermore, you understand that Brian Ward will provide expert consultation to the attorney for a fee billed on a contingency basis (he is not paid unless the attorney wins).

You agree that Brian Ward is not a licensed attorney and that he can not provide professional legal advice. The attorney must address questions about your specific legal needs at the appropriate time.

You also understand that Brian Ward will only charge you this fee of $50; no other fee will be required of him, but the attorney will require a payment for their professional legal assistance. Brian Ward will not commit you to any future fees by any person. Brian Ward will help manage the process from start to finish by working with you, the attorney, and other persons required to succeed.