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Covid-19 mandate



Covid-19 vaccine mandate


UC HEALTH never had the authority to require your participation in Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine or other clinical research drugs under threat of penalty.  There isn’t a single federal or state statute affording them the legal authority of exemption from laws protecting you from medical research abuse.

Aperio USA LLC (Brian Ward’s company) will finance the cost of litigation so that no one is required to pay a penny, even if the lawsuit is not victorious.  Aperio will require a 15% contingency fee, and the attorney will require a 10% contingency fee totaling 25%.  However, this fee is 15% lower than the industry average of 40%.  We are working to put more money into your pockets.

Have a question?  Just shoot me an email using the form below.  We are here for you!

Instructions to Join Lawsuit

  • (1) Sign the Attorney Retention Contract and (a) physically mail it to the attorney to the address listed in the contract or (b) scan the doc and email it to david @
  • (2) Sign the Aperio Funding Agreement. Physically mail it to Brian Ward P.O. Box 3333 Fort Walton Beach Florida 32547. 
  • When filling out the agreement for the front page:
  • (a) Blank line one please input date
  • (b) Blank line two please input your name
  • (c) Blank line three please input your residential address

(d) Please initial the bottom left of each page to include the one you sign.

  • When signing, please print your name, sign your name, and fill in the date.
  • (3) Fill out your contact information in the below online form which helps us to automate communications.