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Investment Opportunity

Disclaimer:  All statements of potential earnings are used for illustrative purposes only and not presented as guarantee statements.

COVID-19 Investment Opportunity

by Brian Ward

Investment Notes

Major Update:  I contracted with a law firm that will only require a $10k fee for each major lawsuit.  This means we will be able to initate multiple major lawsuits at once.

Minimum investment – $5,000 for one unit

Investment increment – $5,000 each additional unit

$5,000 = 1/4 of a percent of net settlements

$10,000 = 1/2 of a percent of net settlements

$20,000 = 1 percent of net settlements

And so forth…

Maximum of 400 units will be sold to equal 100% of net settlements.

Goal is $500,000,000 in gross settlements netting $75,000,000 to the company.

Potential return on investment:

$5,000 = $165,000 

$10,000 = $330,000

$20,000 = $660,000

The Process

Listen to the audio recording · Fill out the below form · You will be contacted by Brian shortly.

Lawsuits Ready To Go!

  • DoD
  • PeaceHealth (WA, OR, AK)
  • UC Health CO
  • Houston Methodist
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Multiple hospitals (in the works)
  • Duke University (in the works)
  • Nearly 1000 employees working for additional entities asked for help and funding.
  • I have a list of top Fortune 500 companies that conditioned employment upon clinical drug participation.


Victory 2023

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