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“The way to secure liberty is to place it in the people’s hands, that is, to give them the power at all times to defend it in the legislature and in the courts of justice.” — John Adams

The More You Know!

Brian Ward has invested 1,000 hours into the history and legal administration of experimental substances in America.  He is now offering his knowledge as an expert consultant to help you win the largest possible awards for your clients. 

Governments and Corportaions that required EUA administration for vaccine compliance potentially violated a ratified treaty, federal statutes, state statutes, state health regulations, HHS FWA agreement, CDC preferred provider agreement, HIPAA privacy laws (criminal), section 564 requirements, and the list goes on.

Brian’s strategy avoids claims of religious exemption, civil rights, drug efficacy/safety, vaccine mandate laws, and other administrative technicalities.  His strategy is a straight forward claim on the right of refusal backed by significant federal laws the legal community is wholly unaware of.

Brian’s research will result in a very BRIEF legal brief.  One of his main benefits will be his ability to counter the defendant’s reply to the initial claim.  There does not exist a statute affording the defendant authority to exempt themselves from a citizen’s federally protected right to opt out of EUA substances. Brian’s research and strategy will prove to be invaluable and will reduce closure time while increasing the size of the award.

However, knowing a statute isn’t the same thing as understanding how they all connect together to form statutory authority.  There are many legislative policies involved in EUA substances and understanding those connections will leave the defense without a defense and out-of-court settlements will occur frequently. 

Vaccine Mandate

Governors & CEOS never had any statutory authority to demand employees or citizens participate in a deadly experimental substance under threat of penalty.


Statutes provide citizens with the right to say no.  They also require authorities to ensure citizens are not under “sanctions,” “coercive policies,” and or “undue influence” when offered an EUA substance.

Who Can File for Relief?

  • Employees who received an EUA substance under duress against their free will.
  • Penalized employees.
  • Students denied access to schools.
  • Citizens denied access to services.
  • Citizens treated differently from others simply because they chose the “other” option of refusing.
  • Citizens physically injured by a vaccine when under duress to participate.

Brian Ward


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