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Covid-19 mandate



Covid-19 vaccine mandate


KAISER never had the authority to require your participation in experimental vaccines under threat of penalty.  There isn’t a single federal or state statute affording them the legal authority of exemption from laws protecting you from medical research abuse.

The More You Know!

Instructions to Join the Lawsuit against Kaiser:

  • (1) Sign the Attorney Retention Contract and (a) physically mail it to the attorney at the address listed in the contract or (b) scan the doc after signing it and email it to David @
  • (2) Once the attorney receives the contract, you will be sent a contract from Aperio USA LLC. 
  • Aperio USA LLC will fund the cost of litigation.
  • You will not be responsible for any litigation costs to participate in the lawsuit, but you will agree to:
    • (1) pay the attorney 10% of any financial recovery
    • (2) pay Aperio USA LLC 15% of any financial recovery
  • (3) Please be patient as we are starting the process, and it “WILL” be a few weeks before you hear an update as we do not intend to file until June.  We have three other activities in front of Kaiser.
  • (4) Please fill out the form below in addition to the contract because it helps us to create a master communication list.
  • (5) In the comment box below, please indicate the date you were terminated, if you were denied unemployment benefits, and from which state.

Kaiser Form