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Covid-19 mandate


Civilian & Service member

Covid-19 vaccine mandate


Civilian leadership never had the authority to require your participation in experimental medical products under threat of penalty.  Punishment for refusing to participate in those medical products was illegal.  Moreover, in our opinion, those of you having to reimburse the DoD for various bonuses after you were unlawfully removed from active service solely based on not participating in a COVID-19 investigational drug is theft.

The More You Know!

The Process:

Plaintiffs can be:

  • Active Service
  • Separated From Service
  • Civilian Employee
  • Contractor
  • BUT, you must have been penalized
    • LOR
    • Separated
    • Demoted
    • etc.

The Process

How to Join:

  • There is no cost to plaintiffs – EVER!
  • We need plaintiffs that CURRENTLY live within (as a resident or base assignment) the GREEN counties within the map. –
  • OR, if you live in the Middle District counties in the Florida Map Here:
  • We will accept any person living in the state but also need persons within the district.
  • We will sign additional plaintiffs nationwide but need 12-30 from one of these districts.
  • Our lawsuit WILL make a difference because we will demonstrate how civilian appointees violated:
    • The Public Officer’s Oath of Office
    • Ratified Treaties
    • Your Constitutional Protections
    • Your Federally Secured Rights
    • Your DoD Contract
    • Military Regulations, of which there are too many to list, and most have not been presented in court to date.
    • Plus much more!
  • To join, please fill out the form below and be patient; someone will contact you directly to bring you on board.
  • Time to lace up your boots again to fulfill your oath to defend the Constitution and your fellow brothers & sisters-in-arms.
  • Please help spread the word to those in our district to help strengthen the effectiveness of our effort.
  • MUST READ:  If you are currently involved in a lawsuit claiming 21 U.S.C. §360bbb-3, or DoDI 6200.02, you cannot join this lawsuit.  If you are involved in a lawsuit claiming ONLY religious exemption, it should not cause an issue with you joining.  However, you should consult with your attorney first.  Just let them know that we will not argue RFRA.  Most attorneys have green-lighted their clients.
  • We plan to file in June of 2023.
  • You ARE NOT signing up with an attorney by completing the form below.  You are only indicating interest in joining.  CovidPenalty.Com is owned by Brian Ward, who is funding the lawsuit along with passionate partners.
  • You will be contacted by the attorney when we have secured enough plaintiffs.

Contact US


Input your information, and when we have enough persons involved, we will contact you directly.  Hey.  We got this, so go in peace!

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