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Covid-19 mandate


Civilian & Service member

Covid-19 vaccine mandate


Civilian leadership never had the authority to require your participation in experimental vaccines under threat of penalty.  There isn’t a single federal or state statute affording them the legal authority of exemption from laws protecting you from medical research abuse.

The More You Know!

Starting in October of 2021, I invested 1,200 hours of research into the history and legal administration of experimental drug use to understand the illegal activities of DoD leadership.  In November of 2022, I secured the legal services of KrisAnne Hall at to initiate a lawsuit against the DoD on behalf of 1.9M service members and 768,000 civilian employees. We will prove to the courts how the Senior Pentagon Leadership and civilian appointees violated significant federal law and robbed DoD personnel of their constitutional and federal rights to refuse FDA-classified clinical drugs without incurring a penalty.  In addition, we aim to secure effective remedies for those violations.

In December 2022, I made a decision to craft a formal criminal complaint to members of the Armed Services Committee in both chambers to be submitted in January 2023. The complaint will consist of the legal brief soon to be filed in federal court, a list of illegal orders given by generals, and IG or Art 138 complaints submitted by service members relating to the vaccine mandate.  Our goal is to motivate the House of Representative to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the significant violations of human rights within the U.S. Military.

Therefore, I humbly request that all service members who filed an IG or Article 138 complaint relating to the vaccine mandate send that document to for inclusion in the criminal complaint package.

The Process

Please include the following in one document attachment:

  • A cover sheet with (1) your rank/name/years of service/awards/job description.  (2) A paragraph synopsis of your complaint
  • A copy of your IG or Art 138 complaint

Please note that I am only one person, and I will unlikely be able to respond to each submission personally, but if you send it, I will include it in the package.

I am truly honored to work on behalf of our Armed Forces to secure justice resulting from the horrific abuse of human rights committed by rogue political actors.

The new Congress convenes on January 03, 2023, and I plan on sending the complaint on January 17.