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Covid-19 vaccine mandate


Civilian leadership never had the authority to require your participation in experimental vaccines under threat of penalty.  There isn’t a single federal or state statute affording them the legal authority of exemption from laws protecting you from medical research abuse.

The More You Know!

NOTE:  I am not an attorney and do not offer legal advice pertaining to your personal situation.  Should you desire to utilize the contents of this site’s information you should consult with a professional legal advisor before engaging in legal efforts.

After researching the statutes and military regulations, I have committed to go to court and prove how service members refusing a COVID-19 experimental vaccine “may not incur a penalty or lose a benefit to which they are otherwise entitled.”

This effort does not end vaccine mandates per se but nullifies the current one. The federal government has relied on the fallacy that they can mandate involvement in medical experimentation.

The legal blackout is because there hasn’t been a single court case involving statutes titled ‘Protection of Human Subjects’ since Congress passed them in 1979.  Lawyers are unaware of these laws and how they interconnect, thus uncomfortable assuming such risk firsthand.  

Therefore, I intend to work with an attorney ASAP to bring this lawsuit to court.  Victory not only ends ALL punishment against service members but also opens the doors for those dismissed to seek re-entry.

To better understand the legal approach, please watch the below video and listen to the audio. In effect, generals are claiming the authority of the Commander in Chief by waiving the right to refuse rights without the consent of Congress.  This is seriously criminal.

I intend to tackle DoD’s violations of service members and civilian employees’ 14th Amendment rights of equality relating to DoD directives (e.g., masking, testing, restrictions) for those who refuse COVID-19 experimental participation.

I WILL bring the heat. However, I must work with an attorney, and they require fees upfront. 

I need 500 DoD members to pledge to give $100 or more each. Based on conversations, I believe an upfront payment of $50,000 will be all that is required.  I will use this money to finance the chosen plaintiffs’ litigation. I intend to find an attorney who will accept this one-time amount as payment in full for the efforts knowing they can bill the government for additional fees once they win in court.

Legal approach in bullet form:

  • DoDI 6200.02 requires DoD to comply with section 564 requirements except for the option to accept or refuse.
  • DoDI 6200.02 voids civilian directives for the option to accept or refuse and relies exclusively on 1107 and 1007a USC 10, requiring a presidential waiver. NO EXEMPTION EXISTS
  • DODI 6200.02 requires the Surgeon General of the Army to adopt protocols for EUA products ensuring military departments abide by the Belmont Report under USAMRDC (HSSRB) regulations.
  • Belmont Report requires the DoD to ensure service members are not under “sanctions,” “coercion,” and “undue influence” when offered EUA participation.
  • 45CFR46, of which DoDI 6200.02 requires adherence, stipulates that the DoD requires service members’ legally effective informed consent in advance.  In addition, 32CFR219 prohibits the DoD from spending federal funds on EUA activities unless they obtain consent in advance.
  • 14th Amendment denies the DoD the right to require activities (e.g., masks, testing, etc.) of service members who refuse if the same activities are not required of those who accepted an experimental vaccine. Also, the reverse of restricting deployment etc.
  • Utilize court and administrative precedents.

There is no exemption from the right of informed consent held by service members without a Presidential waiver. Furthermore, the DoD is obligated to obtain your consent before you are allowed to participate in an EUA product. Before they obtain your consent, they are obligated by statute to establish a “set of adequate conditions” ensuring that you are not under threat of penalty for refusing to participate. This requirement means that if the DoD required your participation in a COVID-19 experimental vaccine under threat of penalty, they could not obtain your “legally effective informed consent” in advance and broke federal and state laws.

CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES: DoDI 6200.02 states that even if the President issues a waiver for informed consent, the DoD is still legally obligated to obtain your consent.  This requirement includes contractors accompanying the US Armed Forces.