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The absolute right of Americans to refuse the administration of COVID-19 investigational new drugs without incurring a penalty or losing a benefit to which they are otherwise entitled is irrefutable by statute.  Governments and employers never had the legal right to penalize individuals who agreed not to participate in 21 CFR 312.3 drugs, such as Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.  NEVER!

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Can I be Penalized For Refusing a COVID-19 IND?


21 USC  360bbb-3 is a federally protected right to “accept or refuse administration of the [EUA] product.”  This is an inalienable right which no authority can take away.

There is no statute exempting authorities from protecting the informed consent requirements of Congress when invovling individuals in experimental substances.

There is no statute exempting authorities from complying with section 564 requirements for any product sharing formulation with an approved drug.

21 USC 360bbb-3 (L) states, “Nothing in this section provides the Secretary any authority to require any person to carry out any activity that becomes lawful pursuant to an authorization under this section…”  This means that the Secretary may authorize the use of a substance, but the manufacturer is not required to make it, no one is required to distribute it, no health care provider is required to carry it, and no person is required to participate in it.

What Is Legally Effective Informed Consent?

As required by law, legally effective informed consent is obtained when authorities: 1) disclose quality information to the individual required to make an informed decision; 2) ensure the individual understands the risks and benefits of the experimental drug; 3) provide an opportunity for the individual to consider whether or not to participate; and 4) ensure the individual is not under “sanctions,” “coercion,” or “undue influence” by persons of authority when consenting to participate.

Governments who are “emergency stakeholders” under an EUA are obligated to ensure authorities obtain you’re legally effective consent at all times.  Please review the policy paper on the citizens page for legal understanding of this phrase.

FDA Said They Were Interchangeable

Pfizer told the world on the day the FDA approved COMIRNATY that “an individual may be offered either COMIRNATY® (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) or the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2.”

Interchangeable means that both drugs may be administered to fulfill the same intent. However, both drugs may share the same formulation, but they do not share the same classification.  The classifications are the legal distinctions between the two vaccines.

This legal distinction is evident in the fact that a health care provider must administer Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine as outlined under the EUA’s Scope of Authorization. In contrast, COMIRNATY is under no such requirement despite both drugs sharing the same formulation.

Classifications are attached to laws passed by Congress from which no authority is exempt.

No judge would allow the laws associated with an experimental vaccine to be used interchangeably with the laws associated with FDA-approved drugs.  Suggesting such non-sense is judicial insanity.

What Is CovidPenalty.Com?

This website was published as a resource tool for citizens and service members.  Brian is not an organization. He is simply working to enable others to seek justice through his research.  Hundreds of hours have gone into the documentation on this site.  Brian’s only goal is to end the COVID-19 mandate madness.

Can I find out more?


There are several documents with sources on the pages listed above that will help guide your educational endeavors.

Vaccine Mandate

Governors & CEOS never had the legal authority to demand citizens or employees volunteer for a deadly experimental COVID-19 vaccine under threat of penalty.


Federal statutes provides you with the right to say no.  They requires authorities to ensure you are not under “sanctions,” “coercive policies,” and or “undue influence” when offered an EUA substance.

Who Can File for Relief?

  • Employees who received an EUA substance under duress against their free will.
  • Penalized employees.
  • Students denied access to schools.
  • Citizens denied access to services.
  • Employees treated different from others simply because you chose the “other” option of refusing then you have a right to seek justice in court.

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