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To accept or refuse · shall not be infringed


The absolute right of Americans to refuse the administration of COVID-19 investigational new drugs without incurring a penalty or losing a benefit to which they are otherwise entitled is irrefutable by statute.  Governments and employers never had the legal right to penalize individuals who refused voluntary participation in 21 CFR 312.3 drugs, such as Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

In fact, such mandates violate: (1) The ICCPR Treaty, (2) The Prep Act, (3) 45 CFR 46, (4) 21 USC §360bbb-3, (5) Americans’ legal right conferred upon them by Congress to refuse without penalty, (6) The Federal Wide Assurance agreement, (7) The CDC COVID-19 Preferred Provider Agreement, (8) The 5th, 8th, and 14th Amendments, (9) The Belmont Report requirements, (10) and criminal statute 18 USC §241,245 because the mandates interfered with an individual from enjoying a federally funded program. However, the above list is only the beginning of violations; read more to learn the truth about your right to refuse without consequence.

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